Tiger Fight, October 17 News Liverpool star Carragher called on the Red Army fans to understand Everton fans in a column. It is normal for them to be in high spirits now. When talking about the next Merseyside derby, Carragher said that Klopp should consider letting Firmino take a break.


Carragher said: "Earlier this week, I ran into my neighbor Ancelotti while walking on the beach."


"He is holding three dogs. I don't have a cold for dogs. When the dogs jumped up and down around my feet, I habitually stepped back a bit, and then chatted with Ancelotti about this week's Derby."


"Aren't you afraid of dogs?" Ancelotti joked.


"It's always right to be careful. At the beginning of the new season, Everton's performance has given Everton fans some confidence. As they are about to fight Liverpool, Everton fans have become more noisy."


"This past time,


"Why can't Everton fans enjoy this moment? They are at the top of the standings, and they are very creative in the game and scored a lot of goals. They were also confident before the derby started this week."


"Should we believe that reminding rival fans to be careful is out of respect? Every time J Rowe creates an opportunity for Lewin, someone calls to restrict them. Is it possible that what these people worry about most is the behavior of Everton fans? ?"

“我们是否应该认为提醒对手保持谨慎是出于尊重?每次J Rowe为Lewin创造机会时,都会有人打电话限制他们。难道这些人最担心的是埃弗顿球迷的行为吗?? ”

"The season is very long. The team will have to fight hard for the next 8 months, so Everton fans have the right to use their hearts to feel the beauty of all this."


"Their coach is the most successful coach in the history of the Champions League, and there are players with a reputation like Ronaldo.


"Football has changed. Modern football has made defending the title and winning a trophy more precious. Such an honor will also make you more memorable."


"There are too many fans who can't stand on the other side's point of view and think about it. Now Liverpool fans who accuse Everton fans of being too happy must have a bad memory.


"Now this Everton will welcome this derby with more confidence than any Everton in the past eight years. There are reasons for the coach and the reasons for the players. The new players have no ideological burden."


"In the past three league games, they overcame difficulties and finally won, which also shows the resilience of the team.


When talking about Liverpool’s current situation, Carragher said that Klopp could consider making Firmino a substitute: “For Liverpool, playing on Saturday morning is a big problem and they don’t have enough time to prepare.”


"Firmino has just returned from the Brazilian national team and may not have had any real training, (if he played) I believe he will definitely be affected."


"This is a bit difficult to deal with, but from another perspective, everyone is like that. But for a coach who has just experienced a defeat, it's not uncomfortable because he wants to get rid of this depression."


"It's very difficult for everyone to forget Villa's game just by saying something. Only when you get a good result in the game against Everton, you can really forget Villa's loss."


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