Tiger Pounce, October 19th. Today, Pistons guard Derrick Rose’s youngest son London Malibu Rose’s Instagram update posted a clip of Rose’s youngest son playing with the children’s basket.

10月19日,老虎突袭。今天,活塞后卫德里克·罗斯(Derrick Rose)的小儿子伦敦·马里布·罗斯(Lali Malibu Rose)亚博线上平台在Instagram上发布的最新动态中,刊登了罗斯的小儿子和孩子们的篮子一起玩的片段。

Rose and Alaina A. Anderson opened their love affair in November 2016. They married in a low-key manner in February 2018. The two have a son and a daughter. The daughter is named Layla Malibu Rose and the son is named London Malibu Rose.

罗斯和阿兰娜·安德森(Alaina A. Anderson)于2016年11月开始恋爱。他们于2018年2月以低调的方式结婚。两人育有一子一女。女儿叫Layla Malibu Rose,儿子叫London Malibu Rose。

Ross had previously had a son with his ex-girlfriend Mieka Reese, named Derrick Ross Jr. (nickname P.J.), born on October 9, 2012 local time.

罗斯先前与前女友米卡·里斯(Mieka Reese)育有一子,名字叫德里克·罗斯(Derrick Ross Jr。)(昵称P.J.),于当地时间2012年10月9日出生。

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