Recently, Arsenal coach Arteta accepted an interview, he said that the presence of Nicolas Pepe is very positive for Gabriel.


In addition, Arteta also discussed the next opponent Liverpool.


"Obviously, the support of the fans can make a team stronger. Of course, everyone knows how Liverpool performed without a game, so we know that the challenge is still severe. We are ready to play against them, and we will try to be there. Win."


"I don't know, but all kinds of news give me the feeling that at least in recent months there is little hope. We must know what the situation is now, and we must work hard to create a safe environment for watching football. Everyone wants the stadium Can be filled with fans, but must realize that the status quo is not optimistic."


"Generally speaking, it is very difficult to play the same opponent twice in four days. Players are not able to adapt. Obviously the results of the previous game will have a great impact on the next game. I want to double in four days. It’s really difficult to kill an opponent, let alone a strong team like Liverpool. I don’t think about the following League Cup games, I only focus on the next league game. We are as prepared as possible and have Confidence wins."


"Yes, a good start is important, but performance after 20, 30, 80 and 90 minutes is also important, because Liverpool is a stable team. They can limit their opponents and can occupy them in long matches. Dominance. When we get an opportunity, we must seize it."


"I think Liverpool's weaknesses are getting less and less, they are very strong. Liverpool is an incredible team, we need to focus on playing out our strengths instead of focusing on what Liverpool has inadequate."


"There is nothing new about Torreira."


"We are willing to carry out some transfer operations, but I can't talk publicly about a player who plays in another team. This is not appropriate."


"I will not discuss players who did not come to the team in the end."


"Yes, I have seen him play in Barcelona and I admire him. He has incredible talent and I think he is a great signing for Liverpool."


"The club spent a lot of money when introducing him, which obviously created a lot of pressure on him. From Ligue 1 to the Premier League, there are many things that need to be adapted. These are two different styles of leagues. His attitude is very good, we can Seeing his performance in the game. He is a very popular player with children and I believe he will stay at Arsenal for many years."


“In a foreign country, it’s always good to have some old acquaintances. Especially when you can’t talk in English a few months before coming to the team, a teammate who can communicate is particularly important. I think Pepe’s presence is very important. Gabriel is very positive."


"For me, the most important thing is the overall mentality of the team. My players are very good and they must fight Liverpool with the belief in victory."


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